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The Cast List for this summer's production of INTO THE WOODS is now available! We would like to thank all of you that auditioned.
If you are unable to accept your role, please contact us at lrct_me@yahoo.com
There will be a read through Saturday, May 12 at Stevens Brook Elementary School from 10:00 to 1:00. We will also be taking headshots so please come prepared.
Narrator     Barb Stauble
Cinderella     Robin Croce and Paige Goldstein
Jack      Thomas Kolofsky
Jack's Mother    Vicki Norris
The Baker     Matthew Mayo
The Baker's Wife    Corban Ridlon and Isabella Wears
Cinderella's Stepmother  Julie Frum
Florinda, the stepsister   Helen Crawford
Lucinda, the stepsister   Jessica Frum
Little Red Ridinghood   Annie O’Connor and Kate Rose
The Witch     Shannon Oliver and Lydia Symonds
Cinderella's Mother   Susie Mosca
Mysterious Man    Payson Avery
Wolf      Walker Elsaesser
Rapunzel     Corrine Ulmer
Cinderella's Prince   Sean Buchanan
Rapunzel's Prince   Derrek Schrader
Giant      Collette Woodson
Cinderella’s Father   David Delvecchio
Granny     Abbie Vaughn
Steward     Walker Elsaesser
Snow White    Sophey Potter
Sleeping Beauty    Rachel Frum

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