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Excited to announce our contestants for the Sixth Annual Lake Region's Got Talent!!! There will be two quarter-final performances.

Performing on Sunday, January 6 (in no particular order):
Gwen Rogers (dancer)
Alice Boudreau (dancer)
Haley Cote (singer)
Noah Richard (comedian)
Sydney Mushrow (singer)
Fiona Brosnan (singer)
Payson Avery (singer)
Faith Olson (singer)
Brailey Sands, Cameron and Landon Mayhan (dance/pantomime)
Emelia Bailey (singer)
Eden Johnson (singer)

Performing on Sunday, January 13 (in no particular order):
Tayla Pelletier (dancer)
Lily Abbott (dancer)
Isa Wears and Emma Crawford (singers)
Lacey Tilsley (comedian)
Alivia Benish (singer)
Ella Tilsley (singer)
Ayannah Ward (singer)
Reiyn Hart (singer)
Thomas Kolofsky and Walker Elsaesser (singers)
Lily Rubin (singer)
Ethan Ho (singer)
Maddie Downey (singer).

All performances will be at our new and larger venue, Lake Region High School and will begin at 2:00 PM.

Lake Region’s Got Talent - Frequently Asked Questions

~What is Lake Region’s Got Talent?

Lake Region’s Got Talent (LRGT) is our annual competition where locals within the Greater Lake Region area (and surrounding towns) show their amazing talents to a panel of performance professionals with a wide range of expertise and highly experienced performance instructors.  Unlike most talent shows, the winners will be determined by a process of elimination and must take part in Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals competitions.  Those who ultimately place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will share over $1,000 in cash and prizes.  During the Semi-Finals and Finals, the judges and the AUDIENCE will select those who will move on and ultimately, the winners.  All performances will be filmed by Lake Region TV and cablecast locally. 

~Are there any requirements in order to audition?

To be eligible to compete in Lake Region’s Got Talent, you must have an act to perform in front of our panel of audition judges.  We accept a wide variety of performers who include, but are not limited to: singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, improvisation groups, actors, jugglers, and ventriloquists. If you are unable to attend an audition on November 30 or December 1, please contact Lew Krainin at 207-838-3846 or email us at lrct_me@yahoo.com to receive more information about audition video submissions.  You may only audition to be in one act. Previous 1st place LRGT winners are not allowed to compete, but other previous contestants are welcome to audition. 

~What should I bring to auditions?

If you will be performing to music, there will be a sound system available for you to use.  You may bring a CD, MP3 player, iPod, or phone to connect to the system.  Anyone who will be playing an instrument must provide his or her own equipment (instrument, chords, amplifiers, etc) for auditions.  There is no need to pre-register and there will be a one-time, $15 audition fee.

~Can I audition as part of a group?

Yes, but you may only audition under one act.

~Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available at the door during all January performances and ticket prices are:

Quarter Finals - $5.00 per person (5 and under free) 
Semi and Finals - $10.00 Adults, $7.00 Seniors and Students, $5.00 for 6-12 yrs. (5 and under free, but are not permitted to vote).  

Payments can be made via cash, check, or credit card. (Checks payable to: Lake Region Community Theatre)

LRGT is our annual fundraiser and all profits will help us fund our summer musical.  

~If I am a guest of a contestant performing, do I still have to pay admission?

Each act will be allowed one named guest in the theater during sound check.  This one guest will be granted free admission.  Any additional guests won’t be permitted inside the theater during sound check and will need to pay admission when the doors open to see the show.

~Why has the venue moved to Lake Region High School?

During the the competition in 2018, we had to turn away a large number of people that travelled to see the show, because we sold out.  We hope to do other projects at the Magic Lantern in the future, but Lake Region’s Got Talent has become a bigger production over the years, and therefor we need a larger venue to accommodate everyone.

~Will I be able to rehearse prior to each performance?  

Starting at 11:30am on January 6, 13, and 20 and at 12:00pm on January 27, all contestants will be asked to arrive for sound check.  Sound check is for the sound technician to test levels and music prior to the show.  Due to time constraints, you may not get the opportunity to run through your entire act before the show starts at 2:00pm. If you would like to be able to run through your entire act before the Finals, you may arrive on SATURDAY JANUARY 26 between 12:00pm-2:00pm. All contestants in the Finals who would like to attend this rehearsal need to contact us at lrct_me@yahoo.com to sign up for a time slot so we can accommodate everyone.  We will not have access to the auditorium’s sound system and stage lighting, so please be prepared to work from a portable sound system and bring your own music. There will be no Saturday rehearsal prior to the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals.

~What happens in the event of a snow storm?

If the January weather prevents us from having a show, all contestants must to be prepared to perform on the Monday evening immediately after a snowed-out Sunday afternoon performance.  In that case, the show would start at 7:00pm and performers would need to be there by 5:00pm for sound check.

~When is the deadline to send in music for each performance and where do I send it to?

MUSIC MUST BE SENT TO CHRIS MADURA BY THE FRIDAY BEFORE EACH PERFORMANCE.  Music can be sent to chrmad13@gmail.com or be dropped off at Lake Region High School.  If you are singing, the music cannot have any lead vocals or backup vocals.  Failure to follow these guidelines may impact your ability to move on in the competition.

~What time does the house open?

The house opens each Sunday at 1:30pm and the show starts at 2:00pm.

~Is there reserved seating?

No.  All tickets are general admission and sold on a first come, first served basis. Saving seats is not permitted.

     LRGT 2018 winners 21.png

In first place is Liza Collins-Schrader!

Meet‭ ‬Liza
Liza is a 12th grader at Windham High School in Windham.  She has a dog.  Liza’s hobbies are dancing, painting, and acting.  When hungry, she enjoys chocolate and purple is her favorite color.  When asked to share an interesting fact, Liza shared that she is cool.

In second place is Out of the Blue!
(Walker Elsaesser, Thomas Kolofsky, and Lucien Wallace)

Meet Thomas
Thomas is a 10th grader at Lake Region High School in Naples.  He has no pets.  Thomas’s hobbies are soccer, gymnastics, baseball, music, and theater.  When hungry, he enjoys pasta and pork and green is his favorite color. When asked to share an interesting fact, Thomas shared that he has never seen the musical ‭Cats.‬

Meet Walker
Walker is a 10th grader at Lake Region High School in Naples.  He has couple of cats and a couple of dogs.  Walker’s hobbies are music, acting and tennis.  When hungry, he enjoys ice cream and green is his favorite color.  When asked to share an interesting fact, Walker shared that his favorite musical is ‭Cats‬ and he is not embarrassed to show it.

Meet Lucien
Lucien is an eleventh grader at Lake Region High School in Naples.  He has a dog, Luna, cats Euphratis and Zander, and chickens.  Lucien’s hobbies are music, acting, tennis, skiing and soccer.  When hungry, he enjoys sushi and pasta and green is his favorite color.  When asked to share an interesting fact, Lucien shared that he hates the musical ‭Cats ‬and he is not embarrassed to show it.

In third place is Gwen Rogers and Tayla Pelletier!  
Meet Gwen
Gwen is a 6th grader at Jordan Small Middle School in Raymond.  She has a dog, Shadow and a cat, Kinja. Gwen’s hobbies are dance, wolves, trampoline, tumbling and Minecraft.  When hungry, she enjoys Cookies and Cream ice cream and blue is her favorite color.  When asked to share an interesting fact, Gwen shared that she is flexible.

Meet Tayla
Tayla is a fifth grader at Manchester Elementary School in Windham.  She has ‭three younger siblings; two sisters and one brother‭.  Tayla’s hobbies are soccer, dance, and tumbling.  When hungry, she enjoys pizza and fruit and lime green is her favorite color.  When asked to share an interesting fact, Tayla shared that she has fun when she dances, likes to play soccer and she never gives up.

The Fifth Annual Lake Region's Got Talent Competition was sponsored by:

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